Zenonia: Tips & Tricks

This is the official list of Tips and Tricks by Gamevil for Zenonia which is coming to Android very shortly. This list is based off the iPhone version and assuming the entire storyline and skills/items remain the same, this list should not change. However if there are changes in the storyline and items/skills then this list will be updated.

  1. In ZENONIA, you can choose a path of Good or Evil.
  2. The story will change based on the path you choose.
  3. STA is related to attack strength and weight gauge.
  4. AGI is related to critical attack and evade chance.
  5. CON is related to Health HP.
  6. SPI is related to Stamina SP
  7. Attack is the maximum damage you can inflict on your enemies.
  8. Accuracy decreases the enemy’s Evade Chance.
  9. Enhancing Critical will increase the chance of Critical Attacks.
  10. Enhancing Defense will lower the damage you take when being attacked.
  11. Enhancing Evade will increase your chance of evading enemy attacks.
  12. There are two different types of skills – Active and Passive.
  13. Fire Attacks will give continuous damage to the enemy.
  14. Ice Attacks will slow down the movement of the enemy.
  15. Holy Attacks will stun the enemy.
  16. Dark Attacks will confuse the enemy.
  17. You can upgrade resistance levels by using items.
  18. There are 5 different item classes – Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, and Unique.
  19. Set Items equipped above and below each other will create a Set Effect.
  20. The Dark Merchant only comes out at night.
  21. You can combine 2 different items at the Blacksmith using the Combine Scroll.
  22. When combining items, the items have to be of the same class.
  23. Only items above Magic class can be combined.
  24. You can increase your stats by using Enchantment Stones.
  25. The Origin of Life lets you revive without being penalized.
  26. You can assign 4 items and skills in the quick slots.
  27. Time passes when moving between maps and talking to NPCs.
  28. There are quests that can only be completed during a certain time of the day.
  29. You can use a Teleport Scroll to move between towns.
  30. HP, SP, and Hunger can be restored by resting at the inn.
  31. In certain places, you have to place rocks over a switch in order to advance.
  32. You have to eat to fill your Hunger gauge.
  33. You can repair items with the Repair Hammer item.
  34. You can safely pass through traps with dashing.
  35. Movement will slow down if your bag is overloaded.
  36. Don’t worry about gold. You receive gold automatically when killing monsters.
  37. The color of the name will change based on your level and the monster’s level.
  38. You can revive using the Origin of Life without being penalized.
  39. The mini map can not be used in dungeons.
  40. You can not use Teleport Scrolls or save the game during boss fights.

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