11 new Playstation One games now available on the Playstation Store

As promised by Sony awhile ago, we are starting to see more and more Playstation One games making their way to the Playstation store for certified devices. Over the past few days a total of eleven new PSOne games have been released onto the store.

The eleven games spread out across quite a few gaming genres including Racing, Fighting, Action and Sports games. Here is a complete list of new games available for your Playstation Certified device:

– International Track & Field
– Tekken
– Ridge Racer Type 4
– Grandia
– Toy Story Racer
– Toy Story 2
– Mickey’s Wild Adventure
– Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire
– A Bug’s Life
– Rascal Racers
– Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

All the games should be available for purchase and download on your Playstation certified Android device right now. Great if you don’t have enough games to start playing today already.

Website Referenced: Android Community

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