22Cans is currently testing a new game for mobile called The Trail

Peter Molyneux’s game development studio called 22Cans, which is currently dealing with the whole Godus issue, has apparently soft launched (or are testing) a new game for mobile called The Trail (published by Kongregate). As it stands right now, it appears that this game is only available in the Philippines right now, which is why we are not sure if it is a soft launch or a beta testing phase, since that regions is used for both usually. That or 22Cans accidentally released it.

The game itself is actually somewhat interesting. While there is no massive hidden prize or the meaning of life like his previous game Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube, found in this game, it does look somewhat fun. It was actually revealed back in 2014 but has since not really had anything publicly mentioned about it. Interestingly enough, while 22Cans have been dealing with the current and ongoing poor state of Godus, according to a couple of ex-22Cans employees, this game actually became the developers main focus, which will surely piss off a lot of Godus supporters even more.

People have been wary of Godus’ development progress for a while, but red flags really went up toward the end of 2014. In the wake of Molyneux’s announcement of The Trail and server problems with Godus’ mobile version, the Godus team shrank to three members, said one of my sources. Some people left the company of their own volition; others were moved onto The Trail. – Ex-22Cans Employee

Of course Peter Molyneux disputed these claims. The Trail itself, from what we can tell, has players taking control of a little character who is out taking a walk down a trail. It’s a relaxing sort of game, where you will use swipe gestures to control your character as he travels, avoiding different hazards along the way. However, the game eventually gets deeper in gameplay as you can learn different crafting skills, and you can trade the items you make for money. You can also join a town to unlock additional features, all of which go towards building up the town.

Unfortunately there’s no word as to when this game will get any sort of official release. If any of our readers who use a VPN, or live in the Philippines, happen to grab a copy of the game before it’s pulled off, let us know what you think of the gameplay in the comments below.

Website Referenced: Kotaku

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