Day: 6 September 2016


22Cans is currently testing a new game for mobile called The Trail

Peter Molyneux’s game development studio called 22Cans, which is currently dealing with the whole Godus issue, has apparently soft launched (or are testing) a new game for mobile called The Trail (published by Kongregate). As it stands right now, it appears that this game is only available in the Philippines right now, which is why we are not sure if it is a soft launch or a beta testing phase, since that regions is used for both usually. That or 22Cans accidentally released it.


Upgrade and test out your fleet of race cars in Adrenaline Racing, now available for Android

Released by Eduard Mirica, Adrenaline Racing is a new racing game with a top down perspective. In each race, players are looking to stay ahead of the timer by hitting checkpoints before time expires. Players will have access to a variety of power ups, such as speed boosts and shields. The latter being important as collisions with other cars on the road cause your vehicle to slow down.