2K Games releases Sensei Wars, a sort of Clash of Clans style game for Android

While Android just recently got the Clash of Clans game released, 2K Games has released their own version of that game but wrapped in a slightly different theme. Sensei Wars is a Clash of Clans style game but as you can tell by the title, this one has a more feudal Japan style of theme to it.

Sensei Wars is a combat strategy game that plays out a lot like Clash of Clans. You’ll be defending your Dojo while customizing your Sensei with different skills and abilities. There is a skill tree to work your way up through, picking skills you think will put your character ahead of the rest in combat.

Sensei Wars Features:

– Define the fighting style of your Sensei to take direct control in battle
– Build, explore, attack and view replays in a 3D cinematic presentation style
– Upgradable Asian architectures including Pagodas, Shaolin Temples and the Corridor of Steles
– Align your defensives with Caltrops, the All Seeing Reed and Black Powder so opponents can’t stake claim on your base with a Brag Flag
– Single player, multiplayer and cooperative Dynasty Challenges
– Battle with other players worldwide for top ranking on the Sensei and Dynasty leaderboards

If you play Clash of Clans then you pretty much know what to expect with Sensei Wars. For those of you interested in checking this game out, you can download it off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Sensei Wars

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