3D music creation puzzle solving game, RoboFonics, dances onto Android

While we all are still waiting for Skillz: The DJ Game to land on Android, if you are eager to play a music game that is a bit unique to tide you over till Skillz is released, there is a new one on the Android Market today called RoboFonics. It is a mix of music creation and puzzle solving which seems pretty fun.

The story of RoboFonics goes like this: The robots used to have fun while working in their manufacturing plant until one day their old boss left and a new one came in that wouldn’t allow them to have fun. Instead they just had to work like drones. Sort of like how society is half the time in real life. However, the robots have found a balance between music and hard work which is up to you to control and create without angering the boss.


  • Combines a visually enchanting rhythm game with puzzle solving
  • Use rhythm and melody to solve puzzles
  • A non-violent experience that’s easy to pick up
  • Robots!
  • A catchy, casual atmosphere
  • 80 levels, a fun storyline, and two game modes, ‘tap’ and ‘puzzle’
  • A carefully designed soundscape for constant fun
  • Challenges you to listen and react to the rhythm with care and expert timing
  • Numerous cute, unique robots
  • Tunes that stick in your head
  • The first game that actually makes you listen to the rhythm!
  • Did we mention ROBOTS?
  • Based on the award-winning PC Mod (first seen in MSUC at SIGGRAPH 2009)



It is a interesting blend of genres and it’s all wrapped up in some nice 3D graphics as well. You actually have to listen to the music in order to solve the puzzles so for those of you without any sort of rhythm, you’ll have a fun time trying to play this game. You can grab RoboFonics off the Android Market for around $2.20. It’s a good fun game to play until the more hardcore Skillz game gets released.

You can check out the gameplay launch trailer below which has some great commentary. LudoCraft also has another video, in case you’re into videos, that tells about the unfortunately story of how the workplace became not so fun anymore. You can watch it over on their YouTube channel.

Developer Website: LudoCraft

Android Market Link: RoboFonics

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