Yoko Taro’s 404 GAME RE:SET Release Coming Soon To Japan

Feature image for our 404 Game Reset news piece. It shows an industrial background with a metal framework, and anime girl character, and floating cubes, some with faces.

Heads-up Droid Gamers of Japan! You’ll be able to check out Yoko Taro’s newest project soon, as the 404 Game Reset release date hits on April 25th.

The build-up to the release has been feverish, starting with a mysterious teaser all the way back in February, before a live stream later in the month gave us a few more details on the new release.

Soon, you’ll get the chance to check it out for yourself, if you’re in the JP region, of course.

A Yoko Taro Project Through And Through

If the name ‘Yoko Taro’ has you scratching your head, now’s a good time to fill you in. Taro is the mask-wearing madlad behind the NieR and Drakengard series. There’s a lot about Yoko Taro that is unconventional, not many people show up to give interviews in a creepy grinning face mask, but it’s his games that are the reason many people are excited about his foray into mobile gaming.

Taro’s games are rarely cliched or overly conventional. From what we know so far, 404 Game Reset, stylized 404 GAME RE:SET has no problem being a bit unusual too.

A World Where Sega Is King, But Not In A Good Way

For a start, 404 takes place in an alternate reality where Sega took over the world. Yes, that Sega. Yes, the same Sega who is behind the game. We’re impressed that the games giant can stand to poke fun at itself, either that or we should be very, very afraid.

In this video game dystopia, you control personified versions of various classic Sega arcade games, who’ve turned against their overlords and set out to destroy the company.

Doing so requires flying through grim industrial levels with trippy bullet hell fields and weapons. It looks like absolute chaos, and we are insatiably curious about how it plays. 404 Game Reset release global version next, please! There’s an English listing on Google Play, so we’re feeling hopeful.

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