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A Blast From The Past: 90s Adventure Game ‘Flashback’ is Coming to Mobile July 22nd

A remastered version of the 1992 award-winning adventure game Flashback is arriving onto the Google Play store July 22nd.

What is Flashback?

Flashback is an old-school adventure game where you play as Conrad, a scientist stuck on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Conrad is no ordinary scientist as he suffers from amnesia, making your mission even harder.

The aim of the game is simple, find out how Conrad got here, who is on your tail and what are they up to?

After looking at some screenshots it was nice to see that the graphics and art style have largely been kept the same. They added some new features, like a tutorial and a rewind function which can be deactivated at the start of your campaign.

If you are interested in Flashback, then you can read more on the official site.

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