A new platform game called Diversion is quite the fun hidden gem.

Diversion is an interesting game that was released onto the Android Market about 4 days ago by developers EZone. Diversion is a 3D platform game where you run through each stage, collecting gems and jumping/swim/fly over gaps and obstacles until you reach the end zone.

Building on that though, there are plenty of things to help you along the way such as jump pads to help you reach those gems placed really high and also the ability to grab onto the ledge and pull yourself up if the jump is too wide.


  • Challenging gameplay requires timing and puzzle solving
  • Boss battles!
  • 100 Levels
  • 3 Unique 3D Worlds
  • 150+ fully-animated playable characters to unlock and collect
  • Lush 3D environments
  • Physics powered by PhysX
  • 3rd person camera: see all the action
  • Different every time you play!
  • High Resolution graphics
  • Play your own music



Aside from having a huge amount of items to unlock, such as 150+ unlockable characters, Diversion also comes with big boss battles, physics that are powered by nVidia’s PhysX engine and overall solid 3D graphics (it looks great on the XOOM). Diversion does come with some unique features you don’t readily find in games though these days such as the ability toplay your own music while playing the game.

If you are looking for a fun, casual platformer to play this weekend, you will want to check out Diversion. It is quite the hidden gem on the Android Market and EZone has released the full version onto the market for free.

Developer Website: EZone

Android Market Link: Diversion

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