A unique new defense style game called Cannon Legend now available for Android

There is a new defense style game out on the Android Market called Cannon Legend by FeelingTouch. While it is a defense game at heart it is rather unique in the way that you play it. You actually sit in a first-person perspective blasting at waves of oncoming enemies.

Set in a fantasy theme, the story goes along the lines of millions of villages have been destroyed and plundered due to the Scourge invading the realm. Luckily for you the elders made a giant powerful cannon which you must now use to defeat the oncoming forces of evil, hopefully destroying them and bringing peace to the realm.

Cannon Legend Features:

– 3 Unique Worlds – Each world has it’s own theme. You will have a totally different experience in each world.
– 4 Unique Magic Stones – You will get a magic stone when you defeat a powerful boss. Each Magic Stone has it’s own magic power. You can equip it on your cannon and refine your power to a high degree.
– Talent System – More than ten properties you can upgrade to make your cannon more powerful.
– Great Replay Value – Unlock survival mode for each campaign mission accomplished.
– Fully Animated 3d Characters

Interestingly enough there is a talent system which you can use to slowly upgrade your cannon to make it more powerful. There also happens to be boss fights where once you defeat the boss you get a magic stone. These magic stones can be added to your cannon, outside of the talent tree, in order to customize it even further. Another thing is that the game and everything in it is fully animated in 3D graphics which is a nice touch considering the eye candy in it is pretty good.

Once you play through the game you will be able to unlock survival mode which is pretty much a never ending amount of enemies you have to survive against for as long as you can. If you are up for something a little different when it comes to defense games you may want to check out Cannon Legend. It’s available for free off the Android Market.

One thing to note: The touch controls are a bit weird and will take some getting used to. You can, however, use tilt controls which seem to be better.

Developer Website: FeelingTouch

Android Market Link: Cannon Legend

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