Acclaimed Indie Platformer GRIS Has Landed on Google Play

GRIS, the visually stunning and widely acclaimed indie game from developer Nomada Studio is now available on Google Play. 

Published by Devolver Digital, whose other titles include Downwell, Hotline Miami, and OlliOlli (just to give you a sense of the pedigree), GRIS is an ethereal, impossibly good-looking 2D platformer. 

GRIS is Tranquil Rather Than Challenging

The gameplay involves journeying through sorrow, but in a good way. As you progress through the game GRIS will acquire new skills and abilities, which track her emotional growth.

There’s no death or jeopardy in GRIS. It’s an aesthetic experience to be savored, rather than a challenge to be overcome – though there are light puzzles. 

GRIS is on Google Play right now for $4.99.

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