Acclaimed Indie Title Kingdom Two Crowns is Coming to Android on April 28th

Kingdom Two Crowns, the acclaimed follow-up to Kingdom: New Lands, is coming to Android on April 28th.

The game, which is already available on PC, sees you building up your kingdom by recruiting serfs and equipping them with tools. There’s split-screen co-op multiplayer, plus a new campaign in which you have to build a kingdom over multiple stages. 

The Pixels Are Magnificent

Kingdom Two Crowns stands out in large part thanks to its distinctive pixel-art graphics, which are dripping with detail and atmosphere.  

It’s not clear yet whether Kingdom Two Crowns will cost anything to download, but its predecessor Kingdom: New Lands is a $9.99 premium title, so it’s a fairly safe bet that this one will be too. 

We’ll find out for certain on the 28th. Pre-register here.

Source: Android Police

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