Kingdom: Two Crowns is Getting a Bloodstained Crossover Event at Launch on Android

Kingdom: Two Crowns, the long-awaited mobile port of Raw Fury’s excellent side-scrolling strategy game, is getting a crossover event when it launches next week. 

The Dead Lands event, which will go live on the existing versions at the same time as mobile, will transplant Miriam from Bloodstained into the game. Bloodstained, in case you don’t know, is an acclaimed side-scrolling action-RPG platformer with overwhelmingly positive user reviews on Steam. 

A sequel to Kingdom: New Lands, Two Crowns is a gorgeous pixel-art strategy game in which you have to grow and manage a kingdom. It comes with split-screen multiplayer on mobile. 

You’ll be able to download Kingdom: Two Crowns on Google Play from the 28th of this month. It’ll cost you $8.99.

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