Acclaimed Twin-Stick Shooter Juicy Realm Gets a Price Cut and a Cross-Platform Coop Update

Juicy Realm, the acclaimed twin-stick shooter that recently arrived on Google Play, has just been updated with cross-platform coop multiplayer. To sweeten the deal, it’s going cheap as well. 

Developed by SpaceCan Games, Juicy Realm is a cartoon roguelike shooter in which you venture into a world of sentient fruit, responding to this evolutionary miracle by shooting everything that moves. 

Juicy Realm came to PC and Switch before it arrived on mobile earlier this year. So far it’s managed to rack up an impressive 4.6 star rating, and now you can play it cooperatively with players on other platforms. 

Plus, it’s discounted, from $2.99 down to $1.99, so now would be a good time to pick it up if you were already on the fence. Juicy Realm is available right now on Google Play.

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