Action platformer Killer Bean Unleashed arrives on Android, 85min feature film sold separately

Well here is something you don’t see every day and we are not talking about the fact that Killer Bean Unleashed is an action platformer for Android. We are, however, talking about the fact that there is a full length 85min movie about the theme in the game which you can purchase separately off of the developer’s site for $7.99 on sale right now. Regular price is $13.99 for the full length animated movie.

Killer Bean Unleashed is an action platformer where you play as Killer Bean, a ex-member of an elite group of bean assassin’s known as the Shadow Agency. We say ex-member because once they tried to kill Killer Bean, he left and is out now for revenge on everyone else in the Shadow Agency.

Killer Bean Features:

– 15 INTENSE LEVELS: 3 Modes of Play: Story Mode, Mega Levels, and Survival Mode! To survive them all, you have to be really good. To conquer them all, you have to be a LEGEND.
– THIS IS NOT A DASH GAME: Become Killer Bean and use your extreme skill to take down your enemies. This is an intense 2d shooter that combines old school gameplay with new school graphics!
– UNLOCK SUPER AMMO: Killer Bean has unique guns that can fire any kind of ammo. Unlock all 9!
– UNLOCK BONUS ITEMS: You’ve seen double jumps, but have you ever seen triple jumps? It’s almost like flying!
– HONE YOUR SKILLS: The more accurate and efficient you are at killing bad beans, the more gold coins you are rewarded. Learn to be a master assassin!
– MORE LEVELS AND ENEMIES COMING SOON: More bosses, more tanks, more military exo-skeleton robotic beans. We’re just getting started! Better load up on ammo!

There is a lot to unlock in this game which you can do by earning gold coins. Gold coins are earned based on how well you pass a stage which takes into account your accuracy at shooting other beans in the face and your overall number of kills in each stage.

Thankfully the developers have even more planned for this game in terms of content including more levels, boss fights and even exo-skeleton robotic beans that you’ll have to deal with. Until then, you can always play this game through then sit down and watch the animated movie. You can check out both the game trailer and movie trailer below. Bean Killer Unleashed will cost a whole lot of free to download and play.

Website Referenced: AndroidSpin

Developer Website: Killer Bean Forever (Movie purchase page)

Google Play Link: Killer Bean Unleashed

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