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Adventure Time Heroes is a Turn-Based RPG, Pre-Register Now (If You Live in SE Asia)

Adventure Time Heroes is the latest in a fairly long line of games based on the deservedly popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. 

It sees you attempting to prevent Lich from destroying all life on Ooo. This involves building an army to take on Lich’s minions. The game comprises 80 story missions, nine dungeons, a PvP arena, clan battles, and more – all in the company of Finn, Jake, and friends.

You’ll collect more characters as you go, with 200 to add to your army, many of which look like some kind of weird dessert. You can power-up these heroes, join a clan, and basically do all of things you’d expect in a modern free-to-play mobile RPG. 

Excited? Tough, because Adventure Time Heroes isn’t out yet, though you can pre-register for it if you live in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, or Singapore. Here’s a link, just in case. 

Source: Mobile Mode Gaming

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