AGC1 Round 2 Results – Next!

For round 2 of the Android Gaming Challenge the game used was Prism3D AGC Edition which was a modified version of the game. In this version the level was endless and dynamically generated presenting both skill challenge as well as endurance challenge. With the end of the round now, the scores have been amazing with one person breaking 1 million points!

First off that was some crazy gaming with some excellent competition! Some of the scores were just ridiculous with one person breaking 1 million! It’s also great to see everyone giving each other congrats on playing, it’s great to see this sort of sportsmanship. This wasn’t an easy game to get through as it requires a lot of endurance.

This round went a lot smoother as well and hopefully that will continue. We’ve learned a lot so far with how to host something like this. Being the first we had no template to fall back on so everyone has been great with their patience and feedback, it’s paying off. So first here is what the ladder looks like after this round. It’s getting down to the wire and the championship is not much further away!

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With the round behind us it is time to get prepped up and ready for the next round. Again a totally different style of game for this round and this game you can pause and come back to. Also with this game, you don’t have to submit your score right away every time you complete a round. It’ll keep track of it so you can submit it close to the rounds ending time and be fine. It will ask you at the end of each round if you want to submit your score, selecting “no” lets you continue playing and you won’t lose your score, it’ll just keep adding up. If you want to start submitting your score when it gets up there you can but this leader board supports multiple name entries so to keep things clean I wouldn’t worry about it until it gets closer to the end of the round.

You can view the leader board at any time here: Leader board for Round 3

Curious yet as to what game is next? Well no more waiting! For round 3 the next game will be…

Farm Frenzy AGC Edition

Provided by Herocraft, this is the AGC Edition of their popular game Farm Frenzy. You will all receive a copy via email and obviously don’t hand this out to anyone else as the moment a new name on the high scoreboard shows up I will know. I would like to thank Hyperbees for providing Prism3D AGC Edition for round 2, it turned out great!

This round will start August 12th, 2010 at 10:00am PST and end August 13th, 2010 at 10:00am PST. You will all receive a copy of this game via email shortly. Good luck and I’m sure we will see some incredible scores like the last few rounds.

P.S. Herocraft might have a surprise for a few people at the end of this round, we shall see!

TIP: “Just to let everyone know, to change your name you go to options and then hit the bottom center button, then click on the white cow head with a plus to make a new name, the name will be in all caps and there are no numbers.” – regor412 Thanks Regor!

Update August 11th, 2010 4:05pm PST: Going to be releasing an update before the round begins to make sure everyone starts at zero. I’ll send this update via email as well.

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