AGC1 Top40 Qualifiers!

Well it’s been a long road to this point with the first ever Android Gaming Challenge and the competition has been fierce! Some of the scores were off the charts with the top score being a ridiculous 64 million+ points! Now the fun really begins as the ladder gets set up and the process of elimination begins! It won’t be much longer now for a Champion to rise up!

This is the primary list of the Top 40 players of Antigen: Outbreak by Battery Powered Games. This game was chosen as the first game for AGC1 because of it’s compatibility, various control options, fun factor and sheer endurance in survival mode. To get a score such as 64 million+ points you would have to play this game for over 3 1/2 hours straight if not longer. Everyone really came out for this and all the scores were equally impressive as getting into the Top40 was no small feat with a game such as this.

So without further delay here are the Top 40 players who will move on into the Ladder. Again this is an early list and we will be emailing all 40 of you to confirm a few things. So for the rest of you who did not make it, don’t go jumping ship right away! We may end up having to replace a couple of people. We also might grab one or two of you and toss you into a wildcard match so it’s best to pay attention to the posts! If anyone is taken off this list we will update this post and announce it via Twitter as well.

Top 40 Advancing Players (In no particular order):

  • regor412 – 6,770,497 pts
  • card0124 – 5,919,489 pts
  • DrewChuTrain – 3,192,888 pts
  • Deerew – 27,181,066 pts
  • Kadenstern – 22,210,667 pts
  • i1herbivore – 7,929,568 pts
  • DracosBlack – 5,541,710 pts
  • Drucifer007 – 4,411,024 pts
  • QuantumRyan – 4,221,059 pts
  • jdavet – 13,562,961 pts
  • RealDeal – 3,061,771 pts
  • MJM128 – 4,264,826 pts
  • TSmooth – 3,094,181 pts
  • Greven – 12,560,422 pts
  • Topherson07 – 64,080,228 pts
  • nvydisgook – 4,245,690 pts
  • LobbyDizzle – 3,157,956 pts
  • Fracdawg – 3,414,750 pts
  • shadow00198 – 5,742,265 pts
  • KwiknikK – 9,297,565 pts
  • xeooex – 4,199,977 pts
  • dalton925 – 3,587,448 pts
  • Shortykin – 9,034,694 pts
  • davo767 – 3,791,281 pts
  • hakr81 – 4,647,260 pts
  • BMc1217 – 8,311,396 pts
  • Wardawg – 52,363,091 pts
  • Ambiature – 19,250,899 pts
  • HiddenNinja – 14,172,088 pts
  • TKDjosh – 11,512,640 pts
  • enigma – 11,428,076 pts
  • josephchiang – 9,162,250 pts
  • SparroHawc – 4,855,274 pts
  • mober22 – 4,628,491 pts
  • willsk8 – 3,764,586 pts
  • wynalazca – 3,480,449 pts
  • SkurvyPirate – 3,275,181 pts
  • largo123 – 3,091,616 pts
  • DJI – 2,984,899 pts
  • MonkeyDLuffy – 2,976,946 pts


Screenshot of the final leaderboard scores. Click to enlarge.

A couple of names were taken out either due to not having registered properly (thus having no contact information) or was the developer testing the leaderboard (Username rbgrn). Again this list is just the early list. I will be emailing you all to confirm a few things. Any changes to this list will happen today or tomorrow if there is any. It will also be announced that the list has been changed (if it gets changed) on Twitter.

The rest of you gamers in the last few spots on the Top 50 list Battery Powered Games set up don’t go to far. Like I mentioned we may throw in a wildcard match to liven things up but you’ll have to check back to this post as we will announce it here and on Twitter as well.

Amazing gaming by everyone involved though! Those are some incredible scores and are not that easy to get let alone stay in the Top 40. The first round of the Ladder will start August 8th, 2010 at 10am PST. We will be announcing the game tomorrow afternoon that will be played in that round of the Ladder in a separate post at that time along with details of the game and what has to be done whether it’s high scores or something else like achievements. Remember each round of the ladder is only 24hrs long starting at 10am PST and ends 10am PST the following day. (example: Round 1 Ladder starts August 8th, 2010 at 10am PST and ends August 9th at 10am PST, Round 2 August 10, 2010 at 10am PST till August 11, 2010 at 10am PST and so on).

I hope you are all having a blast so far with this tournament! Take a day and rest, you’ll need it as the ladder is a lot more fast paced!

Update August 7th, 2010 7:56am: This list is confirmed and final! Round 1 of the ladder is set to start tomorrow August 8th at 10am PST

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