AGC2 is coming. Starts June 13th with sign-ups starting May 25th. Are you ready?

Earlier this year we mentioned that the second Android Gaming Challenge was on the way. A lot of people have been waiting for this to start and now the wait is almost over. We here at DroidGamers are happy to announce the official AGC#2 sign-up and starting date as well as give you a peek into the prizes.

If you missed AGC#1 last year for whatever reason or you are new to Android this year, AGC#1 was the first ever Android gaming tournament. Not only that though, AGC#1 was also considered by many media outlets to be the first fully mobile gaming tournament ever. We had a huge turnout last year with over 400+ people registering for the qualifying round. This year we expect that number to be well over 1000!

We have refined the process for the tournament as well and also have some great sponsors on board. The prizes are going to be awesome, even more so then last year. There is more at stake though then just prizes and the title of AGC#2 Champion. We are keeping everyone who is in the Top 3 on record as we are getting ready to make this a full blown tournament including a live grand finale at the end of the year. This grand finale, or Championship if you will, will be held in Las Vegas, our base of operations. We plan to have this grand finale in place this year but should things get pressed for time, we will have it next year and every year after that. All previous AGC finalists will be able to compete in the first grand finale.

As with AGC#1, games will not be announced until the day they are to be played in order to keep things dynamic. You might want to practice some PvP fights in certain games as well. Just a friendly hint. We will keep releasing information about AGC#2 including the prize list as we get closer to the start date. Sign-ups will begin May 25th! Make sure you properly stretch your thumbs and fingers though, you don’t want to pull a muscle do you?

If you are a developer and want your game involved in AGC#2 or a sponsor and want to get involved, feel free to check out the sponsorship information page and get in touch with us.

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