AGN Episode #8: DeadSpace, Fifa 12, Reckless Getaway and more!

Welcome to the second part of a double shot today of Android Gaming News. There was so much news last week that our friend AndroidAtNight had to make back-to-back episodes of AGN. While one focused on a lot of balls, this episode goes over some of the other big Android gaming news items.

In this episode of AGN, AndroidAtNight talks about DeadSpace for Android which is a very highly anticipated game. Unfortunately it’s only for the Xperia Play right now through EA’s weird Flexion store. However, if you are rooted you can use Chainfire to get it to work on other Android devices, at least until they officially release it for all devices on the Android Market. Other news includes Reckless Getaway, Fifa 12, GravitreX and more.

Enjoy this special extra shot of AGN this afternoon and as always, if you’ve missed any of the previous episodes, they can all be found on AndroidAtNight’s YouTube Channel. Enjoy!

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