Alawar Entertainment releases a Hotel Mogul sequel, now in Las Vegas

Alawar Entertainment’s rather popular hotel simulation themed game, Hotel Mogul, has gotten itself a sequel and this time it’s based in Las Vegas. Just like in the original game, you will be setting out to create a hotel empire in Las Vegas that will include all the amenities that high-class locations should come with.

In your journey to building your hotel empire you’ll have to have five-star accommodations, upscale restaurants and of course, glamorous casinos. You’ll have to start off buying properties that are low priced and sell them when they get high to turn a profit in order to buy even bigger properties. Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas, as it’s called, is basically a time management/sim city type of game that revolves around hotels.

Hotel Mogul – Las Vegas Features:

  • 39 thrilling levels
  • Five vibrant settings
  • 30 glamorous buildings
  • 25 compelling shop upgrades
  • In-game tutorial



Of course with any game like this you can’t just buy and sell properties. You will have to work on upgrading them to raise their values, hire staff and workers, all while trying to keep ahead of the competition in order to score new properties at a good price. You can download Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas off the Android Market for $0.99 although a free-to-play version is on the way, most likely ad-supported.

Developer Website: Alawar Entertainment

Android Market Link: Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas

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