Alchemist II – Get using that brain of yours

We are seeing a lot more quality games being released onto the Android Market on an almost daily basis now. Some built normally, while others are 3D and more still using AIR. Alchemist II is one of those built using AIR that is a high quality puzzle game with an adaptive AI that will adjust to how you play the game. Ready to use that brain of yours?

There are similar games on the Android Market that use either elements or word and through the combination of those elements or words you create things which is the goal of the entire game. Alchemist II is similar but uses color combination instead to figure out secret formulas while you play against the clock.


  • Smooth graphics and interface
  • High scoreboard
  • Adaptive AI that adjusts to your gameplay
  • Achievements to unlock
  • Play against the clock for fast paced action
  • 3 Difficulty settings
  • Requires AIR on your Android device


Unlike other similar games, Alchemist II has a very clean user interface so instead of everything being jumbled on your screen, you have a nicely laid out playing field for you to make your formulas in a set grid. You can also use Mana in order to create meta elements should you find the need to do so.

While the concept is not new, the actual manner in which the game is played brings a new twist to the genre. This would definitely make a great addition to anyone’s collection of puzzle games if they have AIR installed on their Android device. You can try Alchemist II for free in a 30 minute trial version or buy the full version for only $1.34.

Developer Website: INRUNTIME INC.

Direct Market Link: Alchemist II

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