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Alchemist II – Get using that brain of yours

We are seeing a lot more quality games being released onto the Android Market on an almost daily basis now. Some built normally, while others are 3D and more still using AIR. Alchemist II is one of those built using AIR that is a high quality puzzle game with an adaptive AI that will adjust to how you play the game. Ready to use that brain of yours?

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Adobe AIR games to try on your Android device

So you’re rocking the Flash player on your Android phone and you’ve got Adobe AIR installed as well, but what now? There isn’t a whole lot of selection just yet regarding games. Well, luckily for you, we here at DroidGamers spend way too much time sifting through the games section of the Android Market and testing out games so we can recommend (or not recommend) them to you.

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Popcap Official Supports Android

With Froyo on it’s way to a Android 2.1 phone near you, Flash gaming is on the way which we have talked about multiple times already. The test release of Froyo and Flash 10.1 beta gave us the ability to test it out a bit. Kongregate already mentioned that they will support Android 2.2 as have other sites including Popcap but today they came right out and officially announced it.

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Adobe Air Pre-release

Myself, along with probably every other developer and Android site, got an email today inviting us to join in on the Adobe Air pre-release. I’ve taken a bit of time to look through everything and I have to say it is pretty impressive, of course speaking in a strictly gaming aspect. When signed in to the pre-release program you have access to the beta Air 2.5 SDK with Android support.

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Froyo and Gaming

Today’s keynote session just came to a close and it was one hell of a session at that with a ton of announcements including both Froyo (Andorid 2.2) and GoogleTV being announced. While every Android site right now are hurrying to write up everything in the perspective of an Android user, we are writing up what this means to us in terms of gaming.