Fly all over the world while managing your own airline in Take Off The Flight Simulator, now out on Google Play

For fans of flight simulators, there’s a new game that’s been added to the genre. Eponymously dubbed Take Off The Flight Simulator, this game not only encompasses flight simulation, but it also allows players to dabble with managing their own airline.

With a variety of airports set around the world, players will be flying more than a dozen different airplanes in nearly thirty different missions, with 21 different global destinations available. Missions will range from benign objectives such as sightseeing, to more high stakes goals such as rescue operations. These missions need accomplishing in unpredictable weather conditions, or Emmen unforeseen problems crop up, like engine failure. As mentioned before, players can also establish their own airlines, and manage it in order to expand the size of the fleet. Players will also be able to customize both the look of their fleet by painting them with custom colors, as well as upgrading their hamstring and performance. There’s also a free flying mode, set in the state of Hawaii.

Take Off Flight Simulator Features:

•Fly 14 airplanes with realistic 3D cockpits
•Explore and enjoy the beautiful open world of Hawaii in a free flight mode
•29 exciting missions available – from sightseeing to rescue operations
•Fly to 21 famous airports around the world
•Start your own airline and expand your fleet
•Customize your planes with different paint jobs and upgrade your fleet for better performance and handling
•Master difficult challenges like bad weather landings or engine failures

We have the trailer below, so fans of flight and management sims should feel free to peruse it. The game is currently available from Google Play for $2.99, but it also includes optional in-app purchasing as well.

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