Popcap Official Supports Android

With Froyo on it’s way to a Android 2.1 phone near you, Flash gaming is on the way which we have talked about multiple times already. The test release of Froyo and Flash 10.1 beta gave us the ability to test it out a bit. Kongregate already mentioned that they will support Android 2.2 as have other sites including Popcap but today they came right out and officially announced it.

Our previous article about Froyo Flash Gaming stated that some major sites will be supporting Flash gaming on Android devices. These sites were Kongregate who did officially announce their support already, Miniclip, Mochi Media who also announced their support for Android and Popcap. Well PocketGamer decided to ask Popcap outright if they would be supporting Android and they answered that they would indeed be supporting Android.

Popcap has always been a supporter of mobile devices with their games being available on most mobile operating systems including the iPhone. Going to Popcap on your Android 2.2 phone will already let you play some of their games but by the sounds of it, all games are expected to run on Android 2.2 including new ones they release in the future.

“We can confirm that yes, we’re bringing our games to Android over the rest of 2010 and beyond,” a spokesman was quoted as saying without mentioning any specific titles.

So soon premium games such as Plants vs. Zombies will be playable on your Android 2.2 phone. I can already see work productivity going down for a lot of people once this comes into place.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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