Day: 29 June 2010


Pirate Islands

Pirate Islands is a turn-based strategy game developed by mkoss (a.k.a Mobilsoft) and is a lot like GalaxIR Star or any other turn-based world map conquering game only this game is in the theme of pirate taking over islands. Your goal is to conquer all the islands on the map which sounds easy enough except for all the other Pirate crews trying to do the same thing.


Fuzzies By Polarbit

There has only been one real Lemmings clone or style game on the Android market called Bunny Mania. Other then that if you want to play a Lemmings style game you are pretty much locked down to using an emulator. Well not anymore because Polarbit, who makes some of the best 3D games for Android, just released Fuzzies which is a Lemmings type of game.


Popcap Official Supports Android

With Froyo on it’s way to a Android 2.1 phone near you, Flash gaming is on the way which we have talked about multiple times already. The test release of Froyo and Flash 10.1 beta gave us the ability to test it out a bit. Kongregate already mentioned that they will support Android 2.2 as have other sites including Popcap but today they came right out and officially announced it.