Adobe Air now available – Flash gaming now solidified

As Adobe had previously announced, AIR is now available on the Android Market. AIR will allow developers to run AS3, ActionScript 3 in other words, natively on Android devices. Between this and Flash 10.1 support Flash gaming on your Android device has now been solidified. Developers can now port their flash games over and put them on the market.

“Developers can write new code or reuse existing web content to build AIR applications for the Android OS. Because the source code and assets are reusable across the Flash Platform runtimes, Adobe AIR and Flash Player, it also gives developers a way to more easily target other mobile and desktop environments.” – Adobe

Technically, if you know what you are doing and are familiar with the Android development tools you can have your Flash game ported and on the market with a pretty quick turnaround time thanks to code reuse and compatibility.

It seems as though every day almost there is something released that propels Android gaming just a little bit further and we couldn’t be happier about it. Hopefully we start seeing some great Flash/AIR games available on the Android Market. If you are developer you can still sign-up for the beta. There’s a lot of games I’m hoping to see in the market soon.

Developer Website: Adobe

Direct Market Link: Adobe AIR

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