Day: 2 June 2010


ODROID-T Gaming Tablet

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later with the onslaught of tablets coming to light with Android on them. Hard Kernel, who developed the ODROID, has now developed the ODROID-T. This is a tablet designed with high definition video and gaming in mind. The original ODROID was a PSP looking device running Android 1.6 (upgraded to 2.1) and seemingly sold out quickly.


Adobe Air Pre-release

Myself, along with probably every other developer and Android site, got an email today inviting us to join in on the Adobe Air pre-release. I’ve taken a bit of time to look through everything and I have to say it is pretty impressive, of course speaking in a strictly gaming aspect. When signed in to the pre-release program you have access to the beta Air 2.5 SDK with Android support.


Dragon Fire For Android

From the developers of some great games such as Shoppers Paradise and Archipelago comes Dragon Fire. Second Gear Games has ported over their iPhone game Dragon Fire to Android. This game is a mix of traffic control style game and puzzle where in you have to direct the path of colored balls of fire with various switches to complete the puzzle/stage.