What The Latest Event Length Increase Might Mean For The Future Of Alchemy Stars

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Tourdog Studio has extended The Phantom Of The Fire event from May 4 to May 11. But what could this mean for the future of Alchemy Stars? And should you be concerned?

At first glance, you might think that an event extension is a good thing. After all, you have extra time to play the exciting new limited act. It may even open the door for you to ease off on rushing through, allowing you to take it all in. But after digging deeper into the context of Alchemy Stars, an event extension might mean something else.

A Coincidence, Or A Trend?

Previously, Tourdog Studio would release a new Alchemy Stars event every three weeks, providing plenty of content for fans of the game. Sometime after the Persona 5 collaboration, the studio changed this slightly, releasing a new event every four weeks instead of three.

However, the latest extension means the new event will last five weeks, creating even more time between content. While we don’t know if every event after The Phantom Of The Fire will be five weeks long, it’s not something we can rule out. This, in addition to the context that the game hasn’t hit its second anniversary yet, has lead some fans to fear the worst.

Fan Speculation

In a Reddit post, fans discussed the latest event extension, and speculated on the potential reasons behind it. The main consensus is that it may well be symptomatic of a larger problem.

@TalsoMistake, who has racked up over 190 upvotes with their comment, writes “Is this a sign of something?”

The question was responded to by several users, but a standout for us is @No-communication9458, who writes “Sign of EOS”.

Another Reddit user, @Asia011, writes “Maybe Tourdog is lacking in resources ig? Short on staffs, development issues, something like that.”

While most of the comments were negative, we still found some fans who were hopeful. One user, @NyaaPower, writes “This comment and title is very misleading. This event in particular will be lengthened for one more week, but that’s doesn’t mean nor nothing tells us that every other event after this one will be of 5 weeks.”

We must re-emphasise that this is all just speculation, as Tourdog Studio hasn’t confirmed any of these theories.

Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars is a strategic turn-based gacha RPG. Aside from its gameplay, it focuses on the expansive story that combines magic and technology. The game has received praise from fans for its breathtaking art style, backed by over 150 artists.

You can download Alchemy Stars on Google Play now.

If you’re interested in more Alchemy Stars, check out our previous article where we dive into the game’s latest preview.

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