Alchemy Stars CN Server Announced Alongside Stunning New PV

feature image for our alchemy stars CN news, the image features official promo art of two of the main characters from the game as they hold their weapons, as well as a screenshot from the anime PV for the game of one of the main characters as the sunset shines on her as she looks up with a surprised expression on her face

The Alchemy Stars CN pre-registration has begun! Now, Alchemy Stars has been out for a little while for other regions, with its launch dating back to 2021. It’s only just getting a CN server this year, and you can now pre-register for immediate access.

What is the Alchemy Stars CN Server Release Date?

There is currently no release date for the Alchemy Stars CN server, but we assume that TourDog will announce further updates as time goes on. The pre-registration period is an excellent sign though, and with the game already being a staple gacha for many players, it shouldn’t be too hard to open up the CN servers in the immediate future.

Stunning New PV

Now, the main talking point at the moment is the fantastic anime PV that you can now watch alongside the announcement! There’s no doubt that this animation was solely made to advertise the brand-new servers coming to the game – but we love it anyway. 

In fact, a lot of people adore the latest animation and are now desperate for an official Alchemy Stars anime. Anime adaptations of games are definitely more widespread these days, especially with the upcoming Genshin Impact and Blue Archive anime series.

The studios that create these glossy PVs for gacha games certainly know what they’re doing, and we want to see more! We already adore the storyline just from playing the game, and the PV created for the Alchemy Stars CN server certainly paints a brilliant picture of the gacha RPG itself. 

It’s common knowledge that well-made and popular adaptations of video game franchises ultimately boost sales and downloads for a game – so why not try it? Anyway, if you wish to sign up for the CN pre-registration, you can do so on the official website

If you haven’t had a chance to try out Alchemy Stars yet, and you want to join the current servers, you can download the game on Google Play now!

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