Alien Ride will let you unlock Skrillex’s new album called Recess

There happens to be a decent amount of music-based games out there in the mobile gaming world, whether it be a rhythm-based title or just something themed around music in general. However we haven’t seen a game yet where you can unlock a new album from a music artist from within the game itself. That is, of course, until Alien Ride came along.

Developed by Motim Technologies, Alien Ride is an Asteroids-style game that you can waste some time playing. However, aside from getting a high-score as pay-off for the time you’ve put into the game, Alien Ride will let you unlock the new album for Skrillex called Recess. By new album we mean it isn’t even on store shelves yet.

Ironically the game’s description on Google Play makes absolutely no mention of this. However, as you play through the game you will unlock streams of the new tracks to listen to. When you finish the game you are then able to access a link which takes you to a place where you can pre-order a physical copy of the album which is due out on March 18th, 2014.

Alien Ride is available for download off of Google Play for free. If you’re going to get it to hear the album, be warned that the servers the music streams are hosted on have already exceeded their bandwidth. So until more is purchased, you won’t be able to listen to anything. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.

Website Referenced: The Verge

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