Day: March 12, 2014

Game News

Angry Birds Epic, the newly teased game from Rovio, will actually be a turn-based RPG title

The other day Rovio began teasing a new Angry Birds game, emphasizing the word ‘epic’ about twenty times in the process. Well more details are out and guess what this game is called? Angry Birds Epic. Go figure right? Well that may not have blown your mind but the fact that this new Angry Birds game is apparently a turn-based RPG will most likely do the trick.

Hardware News

Google purchases Bluetooth gaming company Green Throttle. The question now is why?

Google has confirmed that they have purchased Green Throttle, a small Bluetooth gaming company that would use their controllers, along with your Android device and their app, and essentially turn your Android device into an Android gaming console. As long as your device was able to use Bluetooth and HID-Controllers, you could use your Android device as a game console.

Game News

The addictive fluttering Flappy Bird could be returning to mobile devices after all

It’s been an interesting few months since Flappy Bird’s release onto Android and iOS before being taken down from the developer of the game, Dong Nguyen. Citing everything from the game ruining his life to being too addictive, Nguyen pulled the game down. Subsequently a massive storm of clones ended up being released onto both platforms afterwards. I’m sure the game making $50,000/day had nothing to do with that at all.