Google purchases Bluetooth gaming company Green Throttle. The question now is why?

Google has confirmed that they have purchased Green Throttle, a small Bluetooth gaming company that would use their controllers, along with your Android device and their app, and essentially turn your Android device into an Android gaming console. As long as your device was able to use Bluetooth and HID-Controllers, you could use your Android device as a game console.

Green Throttle game out strong when they launched, getting quite a few well-known titles to become available on their platform across all genres from FPS to action games and even some decent poker games. After awhile though it seemed that Green Throttle fell out of the spotlight. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. It had quite a lot of potential actually. In fact we have a couple of their controllers here.

The deal took place a short while ago although details as to exactly when and for how much are being kept hush hush. Google bought all of the company, all parts of it, and brought along the co-founders as well for whatever Google is planning. So what could this new project be? We really can’t say but considering the company’s gaming experience, and the current micro-console market, a good guess would be Google making their own micro-console, a Nexus Console if you will.

Knowing Google it could be a billion other things. Either way we will be keeping an eye on this to see what comes out of it. Until then, anyone want to take a stab at what Google is planning to do with Green Throttle?

Website Referenced: PandoDaily

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