All Samsung ICS ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy SII now support using the WiiMote

Android gamers who own a Samsung Galaxy SII phone and are using an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM have some good news today thanks to our resident behind-the-scenes tech nut RedDragon. It looks as though all ICS ROMs from Samsung for the Galaxy SII can now use the WiiMote when playing games on your device.

If you have a spare WiiMote laying around, you will now be able to use it to play games on your Samsung Galaxy SII even though you are using an ICS ROM. Of course, if you are using a ROM then you are rooted and there are a number of applications that you could use to do this as well but now you can use a WiiMote with just a WiiMote app to set up all your buttons. To better explain the whole thing, here is what Red Dragon has told us:

It seems that even the base model SGS2 official ICS builds, not AOKP or AOSP(CM9), can use the WiiMote. So right now I am on AOSPmod (not an AOSP rom, it is an official Samsung ICS build with AOSP apps instead of Samsung’s touchwiz junk so it is completely the Samsung core) and the WiiMote is working perfect. I also tested on the latest build FE10 ODIN which is a factory ICS Rom and still works. So as of right now the SGS2 ICS roms have a good Bluetooth stack and with the HDMI-output it is a perfect (super fast) portable gaming systems.

There you have it. So far Red Dragon has tested RipTide GP and an N64 emulator and it has worked perfectly. Apparently RipTide GP looks and plays great when using a Wiimote with the game is also hooked up through an HDMI-out connection onto a 60′ HDTV. Now if only I had a 60′ TV.

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