Alpha Has Fired its Way to Android From Nintendo Switch

Alpha is a cute pixelated hack and slasher that originally launched on Switch, but has made its way over to Android.

It features around two hours of fast-paced shooting action. If that sounds short, it’s worth noting that this is a challenging experience with permadeath.

Alpha Lets You Slash Bullets Aside With Your Sword

That’s right, if you fall in battle you’ll have to start over from scratch, which makes that two hour length look a little longer.

In terms of gameplay, you’ll dash between enemies hacking them to pieces. If enemies catch you out at range, you can slash their bullets with your sword to knock them aside.

There are a variety of power-ups to help you, including health boosters, shields, bombs, and more. That should help even the odds and then some.

If you’d like to check out Alpha, head on over to Google Play right now. It’s a premium app so expect to fork over around $1.

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