Alto’s Odyssey finally slides onto Android

Alto's Odyssey Android

Alto’s Odyssey is finally available on Android, many months after launching on iOS. This one’s well worth the wait though.

It’s the sequel to Alto’s Adventure, which itself drew heavy inspiration from Ski Safari.

It took the silky-smooth skiing mechanics and added breathtaking visuals and lighting effects to create a mobile game unlike any other.

You’d slide through icy villages glowing with lanterns, forests lit only by the moon, and snow and lightning storms.

Alto’s Odyssey is finally out on Android

Combine that with a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, and the result genuinely felt like a real adventure.

The sequel swaps the snowy landscape for desert dunes, and introduces a wider variety of biomes.

You can also grind on certain walls now, increasing the number of skills.

Alto’s Odyssey is a game for literally everyone who owns a mobile, and you should definitely grab it from Google Play now.

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