[Updated] AMA LTD gearing up to release a Battleships style game called Artillery Strike T-7

AMA LTD has announced their next game that will be heading to Android soon and this new title is an interesting take on the Battleship’s style of gameplay. Artillery Strike T-7, as the game is called, has players control land-based war vehicles such as tanks and missile launchers, trying to take out their opponents vehicles.

Update: February 26th, 2014 11:33am PST: Artillery Strike is now available on Google Play for free. We’ve added the appropriate link and feature list to the article.

Just like with Battleships, the player who destroys their opponents vehicles first will win the match. Your tanks and other vehicles are placed on a grid-style playing area and you only have the option of placing two or so vehicles on the board. So there is a bit more strategy to the game than Battleships. At least this is what the game looks like. AMA LTD didn’t release a whole lot of details about this game except for a teaser trailer which you can view below.

Artillery Strike Features:

– Adapt your ammo to the situation
– Asynchronous Mode: play five games at the same time
– 60 custom missions
– Unleash your full arsenal in multiplayer mode, with two challenge modes: random and from your Google+ list
– Pick up items from the battleground and get daily rewards,
– Brag about your exploits via the social features.

As for when this game will arrive, no set release date has been announced. The same goes with pricing. Until then you can check out the video above to get an idea as to what Artillery Strike T-7 is like and yes there is multiplayer.

Publisher Website: AMA LTD

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