AMA releases Stars vs Paparazzi: Jet Set Edition onto Android

AMA Ltd has released a new game onto Android called Stars vs Paparazzi: Jet Set Edition which is basically quite a lot like Plants vs Zombies. It’s a strategy game where you play as the Stars who are trying to fend of the Paparazzi in order to keep their fast and famous lifestyle under wraps and not in the public eye.

In this first game, because it sounds like it will be an episodic series, you will be playing as Lady Laguna who has declared war on the Paparazzi and thanks to all of her fans, who happened to armed with a variety of weapons, you get to mow down waves of your Paparazzi enemy.

Stars vs Paparazzi Features:

• Actor, singer or sports personality, become your inner celebrity (7 stars to unlock)
• 64 levels
• 12 fans ready to become your bodyguards: find the metal-head grandpa, the gothic teen or even the gorilla!
• More than 12 different weapons to fight off the unyielding paparazzi: from simple boxing gloves, to flamethrowers and even the Kamehameha, there is something for everyone!
• Next up: Hip Hop edition, Nightclub edition and Rock Stage edition!

Future editions of this game that are on the way include a Hip Hop version and a Rock Stage version and more. For those of you interested in this sort of casual strategy type of game, you can download Stars vs Paparazzi: Jet Set Edition off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Stars vs Paparazzi: Jet Set Edition

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