Amazon begins their Black Friday sale early like usual. New deals happening every 5 minutes.

Black Friday is officially a week away and like the past few years Amazon has begun their sales early, changing Black Friday into Black Fri-week-long-sale-day that is a week early. So for the next week before the actual Black Friday, Amazon will have a bunch of Black Friday style deals going on, with new ones starting every 5 minutes.

Like the past couple of years as well, Amazon has an official ‘hub’ dedicated for all the deals that are going on, or will be starting within the next couple of hours so you can plan ahead. Some deals we spotted already include Amazon’s own Fire tablet line, some of which are in bundles and discounted. Of course there are laptops and various other computers and computer parts on sale.

It also wouldn’t be a good black Friday deal without some Android devices being discounted as well. There’s also a billion HDTVs on sale already, which is standard for Black Friday as a whole. So far it isn’t looking too bad, which is hopefully a good sign. We all remember how Amazon’s Prime Day went this year, which for most people was a complete flop, unless you were in the market for a 100 gallon tub of lube. So Amazon does have something to prove this year with their Black Friday sales.

If you spot a good deal, let us know in the comments below so everyone can take advantage of it. Updates will be happening with this article as we spot upcoming deals that are really good. They will appear here instead of at the top like our usual updates. We have our big Black Friday round-up coming in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for that!

Amazon Marketplace: Black Friday Hub

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