Amazon rumored to be developing an Android smartphone, gearing up for Kindle Fire 2 releases

Amazon looks to be gearing up to jump back into the Android hardware battle but this time offering up a few different Kindle Fire 2 models as well as apparently working on an Android phone as well. While the Kindle Fire 2 release is fairly close according to reports, their apparent Android phone might be awhile.

Starting off the with Kindle Fire 2, this new series of tablets from Amazon will come in at least three versions according to CNet. According to their report, Amazon is planning at least three 7″ models of the Kindle Fire 2 tablet with a possible forth coming in at 9.8″. So far this is what is known about the tablets:

7-inch Kindle Fire 2:1,024×600 display, no camera; August production.
7-inch Kindle Fire 2: 1,280×800 display with camera; August production.
7-inch Kindle Fire 2: 1,280×800 display with camera and 4G; September production.
8.9-inch Kindle Fire 2: With 1,920×1,200 display; Q4 production.

Unfortunately there isn’t any word right now on what processor(s) will be in these tablets or any other hardware for that matter. Of course this could very well change and it could just end up being one 7″ model and maybe the 9.8″ one. Coming off of the tablet news from yesterday though is today’s news that Amazon may also be developing an Android phone as well. This rumor stems from the fact that Amzaon has apparently went after some wireless patents as well as a partnership with Foxconn.

There are almost zero details about this apparent phone that Amazon is rumored to be working on but it is certainly feasible considering they are already making tablets. This phone is apparently supposed to arrive this November.

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