Amazon Free Game Today August 1st: Glu Mobile’s Guitar Hero 5 for Android

Amazon’s App Store for Android has a heck of a deal today for anyone who has wanted to get their hands on Guitar Hero 5 from Glu Mobile. The game is now available for free off the Amazon App Store for those of you who can access it. Plenty of tunes to listen to as well.

Glu Mobile’s Guitar Hero 5 steps up it’s game from it’s older brother by coming with 20 new tracks, 4 guitars and drums to unlock and a slew of achievements and earn guitar picks for each one, leaderboard and eve more than that. Some of the bands in this game include Blink 182, No Doubt, Nirvana, Vampire Weekend, Sublime, Bush, David Bowie.


  • Shred on the guitar, hit the drums, or slap the bass for every song
  • Rock out with 20 awesome songs in Career mode or Practice mode – Test your skills with 2 game modes and 3 difficulty settings for tons of replay value
  • Check out the downloadable MP3 feature for enhanced quality music tracks
  • Unlock 4 additional guitars and drums, earn achievements, and break records
  • Choose your favorite characters in different venues across the world including San Francisco, Cairo, and New York City
  • Change your rocker in the Appearance menu; choose between Eddie and Pandora
  • Check out the leaderboards and become the best rocker in the world
  • Select the guitar or drum kit you want to use and unlock more as you play
  • Unlock 31 unique achievements and earn a cool guitar pick for each one
  • Feel like a true rock star with awesome rockers, crowds, and venue effects



This is a pretty big game and anyone who enjoys these types of games will probably enjoy Guitar Hero 5 on your Android device. With this being Amazon’s Free Game today, this is actually quite the deal since regular price is $7.99. You’ll be saving $8 if you grab it today. If you miss out on the sale, you can still buy it at full price on the Android Market.

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

Amazon Market Link: Guitar Hero 5

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