Amazon offering sweet deals for Hearthstone in their Appstore

Hearthstone is a digital CCG from Blizzard, set within the World of Warcraft universe. Amazon has just announced a few things regarding this game. First, it’s now available in the Amazon Appstore. Second, in celebration of this, they’re offering some discounts relating to Hearthstone. First, Amazon coins can now be used for in app purchases, like booster packs for Hearthstone.

Amazon is now selling them at up to a 10% discount. And to compound this deal, for players in the UK, US, and Germany that use coins to pay for a purchase of at least $20, Amazon is giving back 30% of the purchase, in coins. So, for example, if a user were to spend $50 on a Card Pack, that user would get 1,500 Amazon coins (worth $15) placed back into that user’s account.

Considering the cost of the coins themselves have been reduced, and select users get a good portion of them refunded, this doesn’t look like a bad deal, especially when comparing to what players would get spending the same amount in Google Play. Comparatively speaking, $90 spend on Amazon would net a player 106 packs, but the same dollars would only net 70 packs in Google Play.

Amazon Appstore: Hearthstone

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