Amazon responds to IGDA’s open letter regarding their terms of agreement… sort of.

Yesterday the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) published an open letter on their blog to Amazon’s App Store and warning developers about Amazon’s Developer Agreements terms and what you are actually agreeing to when you sign it. Today Amazon has published a response to the letter.

While not exactly a huge response or even really detailed, they do address the whole pricing issue situation which was the major concern outlined in the open letter from the IGDA. In a nutshell, there we two different agreements released to developers to sign. One was the original and one was a revised version which came out later. The old one did not reflect the changes made to the new one which led to the confusion and IGDA’s open letter.

Here is the response from Amazon as was posted on the Amazon App Store Developer Blog:

We’d like to clear up some confusion about conflicting versions of our developer agreement. There are both PDF and plain text versions on our developer portal, and these versions didn’t agree. The PDF version was correct; the plain text version was old. This has now been fixed. The old plain text version was outdated and didn’t show the updates we made to the agreement last November, including that the definition of list price applies only to the app’s current price on a similar store. Thanks for making the store a success.

So, according to Amazon, this issue has been fixed and should clear up any confusion that anyone may have regarding the developer’s agreement you sign when registering to use the Amazon App Store for Android as a developer to submit your games on. It is a bit of a sloppy mistake to have happen and we are not entire sure if that even clears everything up regarding the concerns the IGDA posted about.

At least Amazon is quick to fix their mistakes although a little more detail in their responses when addressing concerns, especially ones that effect developers, would be nice.

Thanks to Ari_free for the heads up!

Website Referenced: Amazon App Store Developers Blog

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