Amazon’s Android AppStore to launch March 22nd? Sources say yes.

A few days ago word got out that the landing page for the upcoming AppStore for Android by Amazon has gone live a little early. A source has told Wired that the actual launch will be March 22nd (tomorrow) and although the source has remained nameless (due to NDA’s from Amazon), they are considered a trusted source by Wired.

Also coming with the news about the launch tomorrow is the fact that it will have both a web-based store, which we’ve seen thanks to the landing page going live, as well as an application for your phone, which we got to peek at during GDC 2011 although we promised not to take any pictures of it since it was a limited release to only a few people.

This March 22nd launch date seems to be right on the money considering Angry Birds Rio is also set to launch on March 22nd along with the movie in theaters. Since it will be exclusive to the Amazon Appstore, it would have to be launched before or on the March 22nd release of Angry Birds Rio.

Last, but certainly not least, it is said that both the app and the web-based marketplace for Android will be using Amazon’s payment system for purchasing applications and games. While this was pretty obvious, it is always good to have confirmation on things like this. When it launches, the Amazon AppStore for Android will have 50+ Android applications and games available.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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