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Amazon AppStore partially live, shows landing page but that is it so far.

The Amazon AppStore seems to have gone partially live already with the landing page for Android already available for viewing. However, when you click on any specific app or game, it just takes you back to the Amazon website right now. The Amazon AppStore for Android landpage is pretty simple and clean in the layout.

There is a slider where you can scroll through four apps and games and when you see one you are interested in, you click on it which, we are assuming, takes you to the page for that specific game or application. Hopefully they expand on this considering scrolling through so little at a time seems a bit tedious. Pricing seems to be the same as you would find on the Android Market with a few coming in at slightly less.

It’ll be exclusives that pull people to the Amazon AppStore, like the upcoming Angry Birds Rio game, considering the selection right now is basically available on the Android Market already and we all know everyone prefers to use that over 3rd party app stores. You can check it our for yourself by heading over to the Amazon AppStore.

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