Amazon’s AppStore now available for those of you who live in Japan

Amazon finally began expanding the reach of their AppStore back in August of this year, opening it up to a few countries over in Europe. Now Amazon is expanding even more but instead of it being to a few different countries in an area, it is only one country this time – Japan. That means if you’re a developer you can now submit your apps to be available for residents in Japan.

This also means that if you happen to live in Japan, you can now partake in all the specials Amazon regularly holds on their AppStore. This includes sales and discounts on Android games as well as their free app/game of the day. While it is a slow and steady process it seems for Amazon to expand into other countries, at least it is finally happening.

If you are curious about what Amazon’s Japanese AppStore looks like, or live in Japan and want to check it out, hit up the link below and take a look. Any guesses as to what the next country, or countries, could be that gain access to Amazon’s AppStore?

Website Referenced: TalkAndroid

Official Website: Amazon AppStore (Japan)

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