Day: 28 November 2012


Futurlab’s cool looking match-3 game Surge heading to Playstation Mobile on December 19th

A rather crazy looking match-3 puzzle game called Surge is slated to head to the Playstation Mobile store on December 19th, 2012. Developed by Futurlab, Surge is a match-3 puzzle game with a sort of retro flare to it in regards to the glowy visuals. It also isn’t your typical match-3 game where you just move pieces on the playing field until three or more of the same kind are matched up adjacent to each other.


Spicy Horse’s Worms style combat game Crazy Fairies flies onto Android

About a week ago we did a bit of an in-depth preview for Spicy Horse’s newest game called Crazy Fairies. This new game is a turn-based shooter that take influences from the Worms series where two or more players go head-to-head and battle it out until one person or team dies. Well for those of you who have been interested in this game since we talked about it last week, you can now grab it off of the Google Play store.


Gameloft releases a new strategy/sim game called World at Arms onto Google Play

Gameloft has released a new game onto Android today that is somewhat of a random release considering there hasn’t really been any early promotion for the game from Gameloft at all. This particular game, called World at Arms, is a new strategy/sim title which comes with some interesting features you don’t usually find in a game like this. It also has some pretty nice visual eye candy as well which doesn’t hurt to have.


Gameloft shows off Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour’s multiplayer mode in new dev diary video

Gameloft is making sure to keep their upcoming addition to their Modern Combat series of games in the back of everyone’s mind for when it is actually released. One way they are doing this is by releasing a variety of videos, including a Development Diary series, showcasing different features that will be arriving with Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Their latest one, which they released a few days ago, showcases the multiplayer gameplay that will be coming with the game.


Avengers Initiative Review: Not the Avengers game that you’d hope to play

The Avengers are a pretty potent band of superheroes. Seeing that the comics and movies involving the Avengers have got a pretty huge fanbase, Marvel has moved into creating an episodic mobile game as well. The first in this series of games puts you in the somewhat large shoes of The Hulk. While the thought of having an Avengers based game sounds mouth-watering (it should be epic right?), the final implementation fails on many levels. How so? Read on to find out.