Android App Inventor now open for all to use

Good news for everyone who has wanted to try the Android App Inventor by Google but haven’t been able to, you can now! Announced earlier this afternoon on Twitter was the opening of the App Inventor for everyone to use. This means you can head over there now and start mucking around with it and make your first Android App.

The Game Client we first talked about when the Android App Inventor first came out now has a bunch more documentation to it but is still considered a ‘beta’ project and is not fully ready for use. Also recently added is the Bluetooth Server and Client in the same section as the Game Client, but there is no real description for it right now.

However, if you are new to Android development, this is a great way to learn and make your first application. While some people have made some pretty professional applications with the App Inventor, it is always good to start getting used to coding your own apps/games. You’ll get a lot further that way but the App Inventor is a good starting point for most people.

Just don’t go making a Lunar Landing game clone from the example coding in the Android SDK, we don’t need a flood of those on the Android Market!

Official Website: Android App Inventor

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