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Android is unofficially coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Here’s something we didn’t expect: the Nintendo Switch will soon get unofficial Android support.

That’s thanks to two savvy developers, Billy Laws and Max Keller. These talented guys have managed to squeeze a version of Android Q on the Switch already.

Two savvy developers have a version of Android Q working on Nintendo Switch

There is a catch though: there’s no GPU support right now so playing games is out of the question. It’s also unclear whether or not all of the Switch features will receive support.

But the Joy-Cons are connecting just fine and Bluetooth and WiFi are in solid working order. As soon as the rest of the kinks are worked out, this could prove to be a solid Android tablet.

We’ll continue to monitor the progress and update you, but you can follow Max Keller directly on Twitter to keep an eye out yourself.

Source: Engadget

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