Android Market file size limit raised to 4GB, mostly geared towards big games

Last night the Android Market got a little bit of a tweak thanks to Google regarding the maximum file size limit. Now developers are able to upload up to 4GB apps and games onto the market. That is just the overall size limit being increased though.

The initial APK file is still limited to 50MB but, for example, game developers can now attach two extra files of up to 2GB in size for each one as a secondary download. These attached files are usually downloaded automatically by users so even though the initial APK file size limit hasn’t changed, the additional files can be much bigger now. This is most directed at game developers, allowing them to build bigger and better games.

One last interesting thing to note is that the refund period won’t start it’s countdown until the download is fully completed. If you had concerns that you will miss the refund period downloading a 4GB game, have no fear.

Thanks to Chaospower for the tip!

Source: Engadget

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